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Affordable Yet Comfortable Accommodation in Istanbul

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The beautiful Istanbul is a city that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. You do not only have lots of places to visit and lots of things to do but getting to know its culture will certainly help you see life with different eyes. In order to have a fantastic stay in this city, you need to carefully choose a place to stay. Traveling on a budget is not a disadvantage because you can certainly find something very nice at a low price, especially if you book the hotel in advance. In order to help you with your decision, we found some affordable yet comfortable accommodation in Istanbul. Therefore, take a look and choose what’s good for you. Antusa Palace Hotel & Spa Even if this hotel has a spa, it is quite affordable and therefore excellent for anyone who travels on a budget. The place has free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and a bar as well where you can enjoy delicious Turkish dishes and not only. This property has many excellent reviews from customers all over the world, especially for the comfort that it provides and the warm and welcoming staff. Peyk Hotel The location of this hotel is a very good one. It is right in the heart of Historic Peninsula and extremely close to some historic sites such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque. Within a walk, you can find the tram station which allows a very easy access to other sites. This is an affordable accommodation and most of all placed in a very good location, which is a big advantage. Orient-Express Hotel Here, the rooms are extremely clean and airy, and most of all very spacious. Therefore, comfort is guaranteed. It is placed in the old city center, in the historic area of Sirkeci. There are many restaurants and coffee shops where you can enjoy delicious Turkish coffee in the morning before you visit the city. Orient-Express has a chic restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. Room service is available at all times. Again, this is a low-cost hotel, but it looks absolutely exceptional. Ahmet Efendi Konagi This is another affordable yet comfortable accommodation in Istanbul that we highly recommend you. It is excellent for couples and for families with children as well. It is set in Kumkapi district, just 700 meters from several historical attractions and Grand Bazaar. The hotel has a beautiful sun terrace and amazing views of the city. The rooms are equipped with a private shower, flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi. The indoor space is quite big so that clients can feel ultra comfortable at all times. Beethoven Hotel & Suite Again, if choosing this hotel you will be very close to the Grand Bazaar and several attractions. Furthermore, many restaurants are waiting for you to try the Turkish delights. All the rooms are air-conditioned and the garden is absolutely beautiful. A 24-hour desk is provided and also large luggage storage for guests. The price is affordable but the quality that this hotel offers is of a high standard. Even if this accommodation is affordable it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer the necessary comfort that a tourist needs in order to 100% enjoy his vacation. Most tourists don’t know that the bedding plays a very important role when it comes to their comfort. They do not only need a spacious room equipped with everything for a high comfort but a cozy bed as well. Therefore, at Beethoven Hotel & Suite you will find exactly what you need in order to enjoy to the fullest your time spent in Istanbul. The bed features wedge pillows, the most innovative items in this category, that highly relax your entire body, no matter how tired you actually are. More than this, if you have spent the whole day walking and standing and you get to the hotel with an unpleasant neck and back pain, then the wedge pillow put in the correct position will reduce this pain or even eliminate it so that you can have a restful sleep and be ready the next day for another wonderful adventure.


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