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Istanbul Sports Events You Must Not Miss

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Are you a sports lover and you are actually planning to visit Istanbul this year? If so, then you can definitely have a great time if you attend some of the best sports events that this city has to offer in the near future. We have made some research for you and found some wonderful sports events you must not miss. Check them out and see if there is anything you fancy. Galatasaray vs Goztepe Football Match If you are going to be in Istanbul on the 13th of August and you are a football lover, then you must not miss this match. It’s going to be a fantastic one. It will take place at the Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadyumu, a very nice place, where you will feel extraordinary. Have in mind to book your ticket online in order to reserve your seat. Besiktas vs Antalyaspor Football Match This is another important football event that will be held in Istanbul and that you must not miss. It’s taking place at the end of August, on 26th, at the Vodafone Arena. You can always take your children with you as well at any football match in Turkey, as the spectators here are of all ages. Furthermore, if you are in Istanbul alone with no partner, you have the option to take an escort with you at the event. There are plenty of smart and beautiful girls who will make a fantastic company, and you should hesitate absolutely at all requesting their services. Istanbul Marathon This marathon is being held every year in Turkey, in November. Anyone can participate, which is absolutely great if you are an active person and you are in the city at that time. This is the only cross-continental marathon in the world that starts in the Asian part and crosses the Bosphorus to the European part of Istanbul. Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race This swimming race is another excellent Istanbul sports events that you must not miss. It consists of completing the crossing from Asia to Europe. Every single year there are more than 2000 competitors from all over the world who go for this swimming race. The conditions of this swimming race are undoubtedly very challenging, and you must definitely be a professional swimmer. You can either participate or just watch. No matter what you choose to do, you will certainly live a unique experience. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey In October you will have the chance to attend the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey if you love this sport. This event is being organized by the Turkish Cycling Federation and it is very appreciated by Turkish people. This tour took place for the first time in 1963, and it was called ‘’Marmara Tour’’. It has gained the international status for the first time in 1965. Anyone who loves cycling is most welcome to attend this lovely event in Turkey, in October. It will surely offer you a memorable experience, as it is something not only fun but very interesting as well.  


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