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Most Popular Sports in Turkey

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Sport is a very important part of our life as it helps us develop as a person and also stay fit and healthy at all times. Whether you practice sport at a professional level or just for staying healthy, one thing is sure, the quality of your life considerably improves. Turkey is one of those countries that see the values of playing sports no matter the age. If you are interested in learning more about this subject, then have a look at the following most popular sports in Turkey. Football Just like other countries, Turkey has plenty of people, men, and women alike, who love football. The sport came to this country in the late 19th century, and the Istanbul Football League started in 1904. Football is being played these days all over Turkey, and the Turkish players are quite good actually. There are many stadiums all over Turkey, and most of them look absolutely spectacular and massive. Therefore, if you love this sport as well and you are traveling to this country, then we recommend you to visit it at the time when important football matches take place so that you see with your own eyes how Turkish footballers play. Basketball This sport’s scene is definitely growing and some people think that basketball is even more popular than football is. Turkish people started to play this sport for the first time in 1911, in Galatasaray gyms. Since 1930, many leagues have come and gone. There are three famous teams in Turkey, Fenerbahce, Anadolu Efes, and Eczacibasi. The first match of the national team had taken place in 1936, against Greece, when Turkey won with 49-12. If you love basketball and you want to watch a match there, then you need to have a look at the Turkish Super Ligi fixtures from October to February. Volleyball Another famous sport in Turkey is volleyball. It is being played not only indoors but on the beach as well. Even if Turkish players are not as professional as players from other countries are, they still play quite good. If you visit this country you can always book tickets for a match in order to see exactly how they play and therefore, draw your own conclusion. Motorsport At the moment, this sport is struggling to pick up new fans. However, Turkey is full of motor-passionate people who actually use a motorbike instead of a car. It is true that if you want to make a career in terms of motorsport you need to practice a lot, but in the end, the personal satisfaction will certainly be a massive one. Camel Wrestling This is a traditional sport, and therefore a very popular one within this country. From November to February there are many great tournaments held only on Sundays in the southwest of Turkey. Tourists all over the world are most welcome to watch a game like this, and many actually attend it every year. We recommend you to do the same, as it is definitely something new and interesting to see.


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